Alfonso Rueda, Fernando Valdés, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo and Javier Losada, before the meeting

First meeting between the City Council, Autonomous Government and the Central Government for the launch of Santiago’s Sustainable Tourism Plan


The first meeting for the launch of the Sustainable Tourism Plan was held in November 2020. The Mayor of Santiago, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, hosted the meeting in Pazo de Raxoi, which was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés Verelst, and the First Vice-President of the Galician Autonomous Government (Xunta de Galicia) and Regional Minister for the Presidency, Justice and Tourism, Alfonso Rueda. The aim was to start work on the launch of Santiago’s Sustainable Tourism Plan. Also present at the meeting were the Government Delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, and the City Councillor for Turismo, Sindo Guinarte.

During the meeting, the representatives from the central and regional governments expressed their commitment to the Sustainable Tourism Plan drawn up by Santiago City Council, whose main aim is to transform the city’s tourism strategy, promoting a model that combines the sustainable profitability of the tourism sector and the coexistence of tourists, visitors and local residents.

Santiago’s Sustainable Tourism Plan, which will be in force between 2021 and 2023, has a budget of three million euros, and is co-financed equally by the City Council, Autonomous Government and the Secretariat of State for Tourism. With this plan, the City Council aims to transform the tourism sector, including its investment commitments into the budgets over the next three years.