Santiago de Compostela’s Sustainable Tourism Plan


The Tourism Sector Conference, held on 30th September 2020, approved the Sustainable Tourism Plan for Santiago de Compostela. On 11th December 2020, the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Galician Autonomous Government (Xunta de Galicia) and Santiago de Compostela City Council signed the agreement for the execution of the Sustainable Tourism Plan for Santiago de Compostela.

The goals included in this plan are listed below:



The budget for Santiago de Compostela’s Sustainable Tourism Plan stands at 3,000,000 euros, divided into the following concepts for the 2021-2023 period:


  1. Local Pact for the development of sustainable, balanced, safe and responsible tourism.
  2. Sustainable Tourism Observatory.
  3. Sustainable tourism strategy.
  4. Management of Santiago de Compostela’s Sustainable Tourism plan and general communication actions.

Subtotal: 910,000 €

  1. Integral smart destination management system.
  2. Plan for sustainable tourism mobility and management of the use of public spaces in the historic city.
  3. Universal design and accessibility plan.

  1. Renewal of the illumination of heritage sites in the historic quarter.
  2. Support plan for urban productive and creative economy activities in the historic quarter.

  1. Promotion of the circular economy in the tourism sector.
  2. Commitment to combat climate change within the tourism sector.
  3. Training and advisory programme on ecological transition in the tourism sector.
  4. Plan to raise awareness of the circular economy and climate change in order to encourage more responsible consumption.

  1. Creation of new tourism products.
  2. Galician Centre for Gastronomic Culture.
  3. Renewal of the tourism brand and marketing and communication instruments.
  4. Tourism communication and marketing plan.